Dragonfly Housekeeping - Terms and Conditions

By scheduling a cleaning in person, over phone call/text, through email, or on the website, clients are bound to the following:

1.       Dragonfly Housekeeping can give rough estimates to clients about cleaning time, which is based on a description of the client’s needs and the size of the property. This is a rough estimate only and is subject to change.


2.       About an hour before the estimated end time for a cleaning, Dragonfly Housekeeping will let the client know if extra time is required for reasons such as the dirt level being higher than anticipated. The client will then be given the choice of approving the extra time or deciding to end at the original estimated time. The client denying the request for extra time does so with the understanding that the job will be left incomplete.


3.       Clients must schedule a minimum of 2 hours for cleanings. Exceptions may apply.


4.       Dragonfly Housekeeping charges clients for labor hours. Labor hours are the time it takes, multiplied by the number of cleaners on the job. Example: 1 cleaner for 2 hours is 2 labor hours and 2 cleaners for 2 hours is 4 labor hours.


5.       Dragonfly Housekeeping does NOT issue refunds as you are not purchasing a product, you are paying for a service. You are charged for the labor hours to complete the job. Once the labor hours have been logged, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay the charge. However, Dragonfly Housekeeping holds customer satisfaction in high regard. If a client is unsatisfied with the work done, they are asked to contact Dragonfly Housekeeping. Something may be worked out to solve the issue, at Dragonfly Housekeeping's discretion.


6.       Payment is due on the day of the cleaning, unless otherwise agreed upon.


7.       Late payment is subject to a fee of $50 per day after the cleaning. This applies unless otherwise agreed upon.


8.       The client may adjust the time of cleaning or cancel the cleaning, but must give Dragonfly Housekeeping notice of 24 hours prior to the cleaning. Any cancellations or time changes made with less than 24 hours may incur a fee to the client. Emergencies have the possibility of being exempt from this rule, but it is at Dragonfly Housekeeping’s discretion.


9.       Cancelation with less than 24 hours, cleaners being locked out, cleaners being turned away, or cleaners being unable to enter the property are all subject to a fee. The fee is equal to 1 labor hour per cleaner. Example: if 1 cleaner is sent, then the fee is 1 labor hour; if 2 cleaners are sent out, then the fee is 2 labor hours.


10.      Dragonfly Housekeeping cleaners may take Before and After pictures for records and for the website. These pictures will include NO identifying details. The client may request that pictures of their property not be put on the website. The client may NOT opt out of Before and After pictures done for Dragonfly Housekeeping’s records.


11.      Dragonfly Housekeeping will keep the client's property secure. If the client is not present, the home will be locked up as specified before the cleaners leave. 


12.      The details of how to get into the client's property will be kept private. That information stays between the client and Dragonfly Housekeeping.