Our pricing is set at a standard hourly labor rate.

It doesn't matter what type of services you want! You just pay for the time and the number of cleaners.

Discounts may vary.

Example of "Labor Hours":

  • 1 Cleaner for 2 Hours = 2 Labor Hours
  • 2 Cleaners for 1 Hours = 2 Labor Hours


One-Time Services

Only need us one time?

That works for us!

We do One-Time Services as well as Recurring Services.


Recurring Services

Would you want to have multiple cleanings from us? Would you like us to keep coming back to clean for you regularly?

Then check out our Recurring Services!

How often do you want us to clean for you?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Every other week
  • Monthly

However often you want us to come clean for you, we are flexible with scheduling!



Do you want a Deep Cleaning one time and a Standard Cleaning the next? Vice versa?

Or some other combination of our services?

Great! We can do that!

If you want to change the type of cleaning you get, just let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements. 



*Ask about our discounts for recurring services!


Standard Cleaning

Do you only want a little bit of help with cleaning? Our Standard Cleaning might be right for you!


Standard Cleaning tasks may include:

  • Vacuum Carpets/Rugs
  • Sweep and Mop
  • Wiping Down Counters
  • Cleaning Mirrors
  • Cleaning Sinks
  • Cleaning Toilets
  • Wipe Down of Tubs/Showers
  • Vacuum Furniture
  • Light Organizing
  • Changing Trash Bags
  • Wipe Down of Microwave, inside and outside
  • Light Tidying Up (e.g. kids toys, animal toys, surfaces, etc.)
  • Wipe Down of Doorknobs, Light Switches, and Outlets
  • Light Dusting
  • Dishes 
  • Laundry
  • Making Beds/Changing Bedding


*Other tasks MAY be negotiable at the cleaner's/client's discretion.


Deep Cleaning

Do you need a more in depth cleaning? A more thorough cleaning? Then you might be looking for our Deep Cleaning!


Deep Cleaning tasks include everything in the Standard Cleaning list above.

On the Standard Cleaning list, anything labeled "Light" or "Wipe Down" becomes a deep cleaning.


Deep Cleaning tasks may also include:

  • Dusting/Cleaning Baseboards
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Fridge Cleaning
  • Dusting Light Fixtures
  • Dusting Air Vents/Vent Covers
  • Under the Sink Cleaning/Organizing
  • Cleaning Cabinets and Drawers (inside, outside, or both)
  • Window Cleaning
  • Wall and Door Frame Cleaning


*Other tasks MAY be negotiable at the cleaner's/client's discretion.


Move In/Move Out Cleaning

We at Dragonfly Housekeeping know that moving is a lot of work and stress. We would love to help you make the process easier by helping you get your new or old home clean. 


Move In Cleaning tasks include everything on the Deep Cleaning list, plus any extra tasks discussed.

We want to leave your new home sparkling for you to move in!



Move Out Cleaning tasks include everything on the Deep Cleaning list, plus any extra tasks discussed.

We want to help you leave your old home sparkling for the new residents or help you get your deposit back!


Pre/Post Construction Cleaning

Are you about to do construction? Have you just finished construction? That can be quite a mess, but we are here to help with Pre/Post Construction Cleaning!


Pre-Construction Cleaning tasks may include:

  • Sweeping and Prepping Floor Underlayment for Carpet, Tile, etc.
  • Washing Interior Windows
  • Dusting Surfaces
  • Removing Debris


*Other tasks MAY be negotiable at the cleaner's/client's discretion


Post Construction Cleaning tasks may include:

  • Wall Cleaning (removing dust, dirt, scuffs, smudges, etc.)
  • Cleaning Ceilings and Light Fixtures
  • Trim Cleaning (baseboards, door frames, window frames, etc.)
  • Cleaning Doors (faces, sides, and tops)
  • Floor Cleaning (vacuum, sweep, and mop)
  • Cleaning Vent Covers
  • Window Cleaning (glass, tracks, and frames)
  • Removing Trash
  • Sweeping Patio Areas


*Other tasks MAY be negotiable at the cleaner's/client's discretion.


Commercial/Office Cleaning

If you have an office space that needs regular cleaning, we also do Commercial/Office Cleanings!

We can discuss how often you need us to clean for you and what tasks you need done.


Commercial/Office Cleaning Tasks may include:

  • Empty Trash and Replace Bags
  • Vacuum or Sweep Hard Floors
  • Mop Hard Floors
  • Vacuum Mats and Carpets
  • Vacuum Chairs
  • Dust Surfaces (desks, tables, counters, etc.)
  • Disinfect Surfaces (desks, tables, counters, etc.)
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Clean Up Loose Garbage
  • Spot Clean Painted Surface (like walls or doors)
  • Door Frame Cleaning
  • Disinfect Light Switches and Doorknobs
  • Clean Vents
  • Clean Internal Glass
  • Clean Bathroom Floors
  • Clean Sinks
  • Clean Partitions/Walls Around Sinks
  • Clean Paper Towel Dispensers/Hand Dryers
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Restock Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Soap, etc.
  • Cleaning Toilets
  • Cleaning and Restocking of Break Room


*Other tasks MAY be negotiable at the cleaner's/client's discretion.